Mobile Communications

Mobile Communications

High Speed Data Connectivity for Mobile Applications

EMR’s Mobile VPN Router, powered by Multipath is a high-speed, robust and reliable mobile communications device which connects people, vehicles, command and control centres or sites to the internet or head office.  Its compact form factor renders it ideal for demanding mobile communications and applications where high performance multimedia communications are required.

The device offers complete mobile flexibility by bonding four mobile HSDPA+ modems into a single connection, creating a high-speed, high-bandwidth secure VPN link between the mobile location and data centre or head office.

It’s an ideal solution for mobile applications, where high speed data connectivity is required and could be used in any of the following applications:

  • Blue light services
  • Mobile libraries or health clinics
  • Mobile broadcasting units
  • Temporary construction sites
  • Any temporary or remote application where high speed data services are required

Key benefits

  • Provides high speed, high performance multimedia communications for mobile deployments.
  • Ideal for blue light services, mobile health/community services, outside broadcasts and any practical application where high-performance data and/or video communications are required.
  • Addresses weaknesses in network coverage through optional SIM card usage from multiple operators.
  • Boosts signal performance by an average of 6dB.
  • Compact, smart design meets the tightest space limitations.
  • Easy to set up with pre-configured plug and play features.



The unit ships with four HSPDA+ modules and SIM cards from one or more operators.  By spreading SIM card distribution across a number of service providers, gaps in a single operator’s network coverage are masked from the user.  The second, third or fourth operator networks maintain connectivity.

Each radio is capable of download speeds up to 21 Mbps and by bonding the traffic across these ports, DSL speeds are achievable in mobile locations.  This high speed connectivity renders the device particularly suited to demanding mobile applications where reliable and timely transmission of multimedia traffic is required.