In-Building Wireless & GSM

In-Building Wireless & GSM

As technology evolves, users demand ‘always on’ connectivity for voice and data.  This requires specialist solutions to provide seamless coverage when moving from the on-street to the in-building wireless environment.

EMR specialises in complete in-building wireless solutions with high speed Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity for voice and data services.  We answer the key challenge of how to provide these services to a distributed workforce, at the lowest possible cost.

Wireless LAN

We work with best-in-class vendors to provide wireless technologies, which are future-proofed and which scale up or down depending on your business requirements.  Compatibility with current wireless standards forms the basis of our solutions.

  • Enhance employee productivity with high performance wireless access points for reliable, speedy connectivity throughout your building or campus.
  • Reduce IT administration overhead but gain greater control with powerful, centralised manageability.
  • Enjoy the most secure, robust solutions, which protect the integrity of sensitive business data as it traverses your network.

In-Building GSM

As workers continue to rely on smart phones, tablets and other mobile communications technologies, the demand for increased bandwidth continues to explode. EMR can evaluate your current wireless system and explore strategies to successfully meet this growing need with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).