Wireless Communications

At EMR, we understand that business today requires instant, always on wireless communications connectivity, no matter what the location.  But that connectivity has to accommodate demanding, high-bandwidth applications and network traffic, which in many instances is mission-critical.

Customers call on us to design and deliver complex networks, which blend a number of technologies and meet their budget.

Our specialist team of accredited engineers and field staff have a strong track record in delivering networks that perform.

Microwave Networks

Thanks to our high-speed, reliable microwave networks, remote facilities can enjoy the same levels of access to IT resources as those at headquarters.

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WiFi connectivity and Wireless LAN solutions from EMR

In-Building Wireless and GSM

Enjoy 'always on' connectivity for staff. We specialise in complete in-building wireless solutions with high speed Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity for voice and data services.

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Mobile data communications from EMR

Mobile Communications

High-speed, robust and reliable communications, which connect people, vehicles, command and control centres or sites to the internet or head office.

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