Two Way Radio & Paging

Two Way Radio & Paging

For almost 30 years, EMR Integrated Solutions has provided industry with reliable, high-performance two way radio communications solutions.  From the rugged harshness of construction and mission-critical environment of emergency services to the discreet surroundings of hospitality and leisure, we specialise in finding a radio communications solution that’s right for your business.

We work with best-in-class vendors to provide the most reliable and technologically advanced on-site and wide area solutions, designed for any industrial, utility or public safety application.

The advent of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) has brought a new level of sophistication, with networks now being integrated to provide voice and data, GPS tracking, lone worker protection and alarm system integration.

On-Site Radio

Our on-site radio solutions help your staff to stay in touch and immediately react to the unexpected,  improving communications within your organisation and enhancing customer services.  From on-site security applications in retail and construction to customer service in the hotel and leisure sector, our solutions are built with performance, reliability and scalability in mind.

Wide area radio solutions from EMRWide Area Radio

Our wide area radio solutions are ideal for organisations that require mission-critical regional or national radio communications or to manage mobile communications across an extended geographic area.  At EMR, we operate strategically located repeater high-sites that will extend coverage to match your requirements.

Whether it’s the security company control room, keeping in touch with staff on manned-guarding duty throughout the city, or an emergency services co-ordination centre, that requires mobilisation and communications for search and rescue in a mountainous area, paging and wide-area radio communications are essential.

Paging Solutions

Robust, reliable paging solutions from EMREMR is a distributor for Swissphone’s range of pagers, pager accessories and alerting systems in the Republic of Ireland. The partnership combines our track record in delivering high performance personal mobile and two-way radio solutions to the Irish market and Swissphone’s innovative design and manufacturing capabilities in reliable alerting and work safety solutions.
At a time when some pager manufacturers are exiting the market, EMR supports continuity of supply for critical users including those in blue light services, public and private healthcare and commercial sectors.