Turbidity Measurement


tubidity monitoring

Introducing NephNet from ATI – a portable, battery-operated turbidity monitor, which offers months of continuous, accurate readings at low levels.   The NephNet is the only device that can monitor continuously and for long periods of time to deliver high alarms of events.

NephNet is the most accurate and reliable turbidity sensor on the market, a finding supported by the University of Sheffield who backed by the UK water industry spent two years conducting research into its operation.  And NephNet is now available in Ireland through EMR.

NephNet has a broad range of uses and has already saved the UK water industry millions of pounds.

  • Re-conditioning of mains instead of evasive cleaning and/or re-lining.
  • Network monitoring to gather data on how valve ops, flushing and other factors affect turbidity.
  • Measure the effectiveness of a flush by a contractor or engineering staff.
  • Measure for complaints at households to see if complaints are valid.

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