SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) is often called the “top end” of the the automation network as it is the element that provides users with the ability to see what is happening in the field, using data gathered by the telemetry network or plant PLCs.

EMR’s SCADA team have unrivalled expertise in developing bespoke systems using award-winning software from Inductive Automation and hardware from industry leading equipment manufacturers, Schneider and Rockwell.

And the advent of cloud-based SCADA (client or web-hosted) has extended its operation, providing access to real-time information and historical data to a significantly wider user group.

Our SCADA solutions put the operator in firm control of remote sites and deliver:

  • Seamless, accurate data collation from all sites with performance reporting on select parameters.  This can be as simple as a daily flow report from a reservoir site to a monthly water quality report form and entire region.
  • Automatic comparative analysis of performance, alerting operators and management to significant changes or equipment failures.
  • Fail-soft and fail-safe routines to minimise disruption or protect the safety of workers and the public.
  • Real-time visibility of the impact of changes made by the water conservation team in the water network.
  • Compliance reports for regulatory bodies, generated by information gathered by the telemetry and SCADA network.
  • Detailed performance metrics, which support strategies to reduce power consumption and plant performance assessment, without the need for on-site visits.