Hosted SCADA

Hosted SCADA

EMR has developed a cloud-hosted SCADA service to provide the smaller utility operators with the power and performance of a large scale system without the capital investment or technology and IT support overhead of establishing their own server infrastructure.

Based on Inductive Automation’s Ignition SCADA platform, EMR links with the clients’ remote sites using IP, microwave, GSM and digital polling radio and provides the users with secure remote access to data to view the sites in real time.

Using industry standard tools, customers can access;

  • Real-time and historical performance information,
  • Remotely start and stop plant
  • Change operating parameters
  • Set-up alarm parameters, which will generate SMS, email and/or voice alerts as required.

SCADA as a Service is an attractive option for smaller utility organisations at the early stages of developing their automation networks, as it allows the limited resources to be focused on getting as many sites operational as possible.