Form two-way radio solutions to the most complex SCADA or carrier networks, EMR works with a broad range of clients drawn from the public and private sectors.  As a small, agile enterprise, we are best positioned to quickly react to changing industry demands and the skill and expertise of our engineering staff is underpinned by continual financial and resource investment at a high level.

We work with best-in-class vendors and through the combination of their products and our consultancy, deployment and support services, you can be confident that in choosing EMR, you choose an organisation that can design complete solutions, built on a foundation of simplicity, reliability and scalability.

Two-Way Radio

From the rugged harshness of construction and mission-critical environment of emergency services to the discreet surroundings of hospitality and leisure, we specialise in finding a radio communications solution that’s right for your business.

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Wireless Communications

Our wireless solutions are built on the principle, that business today requires instant, always on connectivity, no matter what the location. But that connectivity has to accommodate demanding, high-bandwidth applications and network traffic, which in many instances is mission-critical.
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ICA, SCADA & Telemetry solutions from EMR

ICA, SCADA & Telemetry

EMR works with world class vendors including Schneider, Allen-Bradley and Inductive Automation to design and implement holistic ICA, SCADA and telemetry solutions for the utility industry.

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Network Infrastructure

EMR Integrated Solutions works closely with clients such as telecoms service providers, broadcasters and ISPs to deploy carrier-grade IP optical transport networks, which support the rigorous demands for end-user QoE.

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