Leading SCADA, telemetry and mobile communications supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced strong growth in its utility communications business, thanks to a number of high profile contract wins and an extended supplier relationship with wireless radio telecommunications manufacturer, Racom s.r.o.

EMR Integrated Solutions has closed a number of significant six-figure deals in the water and energy sectors over the past 12 months across Ireland and the UK and expects to finish its financial year well ahead of expectations with over 30% growth in its SCADA and telemetry business.

EMR’s decision to extend its trading relationship with Racom and formally adopt its range of RipEX™ radio modems and M!DGE™ GSM utility routers has paid off, allowing EMR to successfully complete major upgrades to water distribution networks in the South East and Connaught/Ulster Regions of Ireland for Irish Water, replace an entire radio telemetry network for a major water utility in the United Kingdom and enter the power aggregation sector in Northern Ireland, thanks to an innovative Industrial Internet of Things deal with Powerhouse Generation.

Racom has a strong reputation as a leading player in SCADA and telemetry data transfer on the global stage.  The company is also recognised as a significant development trend setter in this field. RACOM prides itself in high levels of positive customer service and technical support, a commitment shared by the team at EMR.

Commenting on the development, Mark Quinn, managing director with EMR said:

“We’ve seen a significant rise in demand from utility operators across Britain and Ireland for robust, secure communications and an accelerating adoption of digital radio networks.  Many have come to rely on EMR’s expertise in network architecture and deployment and our close collaboration with leading edge partners such as Racom helps us to deliver for our customers, time and time again.”

Mark Sutton, vice president of sales for EMEA with Racom said:

“Racom’s RipEX radios provide 24/7 reliable service for mission-critical applications like SCADA  and telemetry networks for utilities, SmartGrid power networks or any packet network while meeting all current security requirements. Together with RipEX, M!DGE we offer an unrivalled solution for combining GPRS and UHF/VHF licensed radio in a single network. We are delighted that EMR have chosen to use our equipment in the solutions they are providing to their customers.”


Pictured is Mark Quinn, managing director, EMR Integrated Solutions